Attention, Parents of Young Children (Age 0-3)! 

Unlock the Secrets to Optimal Brain Development and Growth with Our Exclusive “5 Must-Knows for Brain Development and Growth!” 

Do you notice any of these red flags that might warrant a closer evaluation? Is your child experiencing any of the following:

  1. Abnormal latch/difficulty breastfeeding   
  2. Arching back,
  3. Colic
  4.   Difficulty sleeping
  5. Dislike for Tummy Time
  6. Uncomfortable in the car seat
  7. Preference for rolling over to one side
  8. Lack of crawling
  9. Abnormal crawl
  10. Early walking 

Be an informed and empowered parent by opting in to our “5 Must-Knows for Brain Development and Growth” today.

Learn to identify red flags that need professional attention.
Implement proven strategies to stimulate brain growth and enhance cognitive abilities.
Create an enriched environment that fuels curiosity and exploration.

Attention: Parents of Children (Ages 5-15) Facing Challenges!

Unlock the Key to Understanding Your Child’s NeuroDeflective Behaviors with Our Exclusive 5-Video Series!

Is your child struggling with learning, behavior, and socialization challenges? Are they experiencing issues like: 

  1. reading difficulties/challenges
  2. falling behind in school
  3. Regression in skills
  4. Behavioral difficulties
  5. Anxiety or depression
  6. Emotional regulation issues
  7. Sensory processing challenges
  8. Inability to focus
  9. Hyperactivity

Our 5-video series, “Understanding NeuroDeflective Behaviors,” offers valuable insights and practical strategies to address the root causes of your child’s challenges. By joining us, you’ll experience these benefits:

  1. In-Depth Understanding.
  2. Expert-Led Guidance.
  3. Real-Life Examples.

You are a click away from  unlock the key to your child’s success!

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Jennifer Alexander
Jennifer Alexander
July 7, 2021.
Dr Alex has really helped me. She is attentive and thorough. I highly recommend ?.
Maria Niemitalo
Maria Niemitalo
June 1, 2021.
Dr.Alex is very knowledgeable, I have learned so much from her. She takes great care of me and my two daughters,ages 6 and 1. Definitely worth the investment!
Virginia Allison
Virginia Allison
May 31, 2021.
It is with great respect and enthusiasm that I recommend Dr. Alex, DC of Power Within Chiropractic. Alex Vujnovic is a consument professional, highly skilled, and dedicated to helping her patients to experience structural / neurological health in addition to whole body well being. She frequently attends continuing educational workshops to increase her knowledge and hone her technical expertise. She is competent in her trade and delightful in her interactions. I feel certain you will enjoy working with her. Thank you Virginia Allison, M.Ed., LCMHC
Ciarra DeLoatch
Ciarra DeLoatch
May 27, 2021.
I highly recommend Dr. Alex! She has helped me on my journey to reach my highest health potential.
Franca Jalloh
Franca Jalloh
May 27, 2021.
Dr. Alex is amazing! She's the best with chiropractic care for adults and children. She's gentle, patient, and makes sure her clients leave pain free, happy and living a healthy lifestyle in the long run!
Lisa Freeman
Lisa Freeman
May 24, 2021.
Dr Alex has been a great resource in my journey this year to reach optimal health, I love her attention to detail and providing guidance to achieve best long term outcome.
J Marte
J Marte
May 17, 2021.
I didn't know what to expect from a chiropractor before coming into this office. I was, WAS, being seen for hip pain. After a few detailed sessions, the pain is long forgotten. Thank you Dr. Vujnovic
Barry A. Harris
Barry A. Harris
May 4, 2021.
Dr. Alex is more than an amazing chiropractor, she’s an amazing person. I’ve had other doctors who were very transactional with their appointments, so it’s always refreshing when actually being treated as a person. Dr. Alex takes time to find out how you are doing as a human each visit and also goes the extra mile to ensure your experience is impactful. I once had some questions about my insurance policy, so Dr. Alex took the time to sit with me while I called my provider. What we found out together was SO eye opening and it really showed me that I was not getting as much as I thought I was getting out of my policy. After ending the call, Dr. Alex even recommended some very effective alternatives that made more financial sense than what I was getting out of the policy. If you’re looking for a chiropractor who will help you improve your overall health and lifestyle, book an appointment with Dr. Alex. You will not regret it!

Case Studies

My experience when working with Alex has been a slow transformation. I’ve been seeing her since October 2019. I didn’t have high expectations about what she could do for me, I just knew I could trust her. My opinion of chiropractic care was pretty low. I think I might have used the word barbaric. But I knew Alex way before she was a chiro and I trusted her

I wasn’t willing to go down the Western medicine rabbit hole, something I don’t trust much anyway, in order to actively engage with my health. I’ve treated my body pretty badly for years- overeating, punishing my body to maintain a certain appearance, beating myself up inside for not being the person I wanted to be.

It took me years to mess myself up. I knew that reversing that process (if possible) would take a while as well. I’m 6-7 months into that process and I’ve seen subtle changes and improvements that have been transformative in how I see myself.

Whatever your health goals are through you chiro plan, decide how you want to see yourself in the future. Define what healthy means to you. Choose to engage in an ongoing conversation with yourself about where you want to be.

Thanks for reading!


Last year I was experiencing pretty significant low back, right side, and right hip pain. I was not feeling well or like myself as the pain had made me stop working out and running, which I used to do pretty regularly. I was also not sleeping well and overall I was feeling very down and defeated with my body. Dr. Alex was recommended to me by a friend and I immediately felt better after my first appointment because she listened to every word and feeling I was having. As I started my journey with Dr. Alex I began having decreased pain within a couple of weeks and even better, I began to feel like I was gaining some control back over my body. Even when I had a few backslides, I was able to recover much quicker with Dr. Alex’s help and support. She not only has helped with my pain and mobility but she has helped me stay focused and on track with all areas of my health including reminders to hydrate, exercise, and destress. It has been about a year now since I started seeing Dr. Alex and I have already felt pain-free and healthy enough to start back into running. I am sleeping better, work is less stressful and overall I am just much more relaxed and happy with where my health and my body are today. I feel so much more confident and I enjoy looking forward to the future with Dr. Alex in my corner.

Thank you for all you do!!! I appreciate your help so much!


Dear Dr. Alex & future patients, I chose to come see Dr. Alex when I had done something serious to my back that was not getting better. I had met Dr. Alex previously and knew she was really passionate about her profession and how chiropractics can help people grow and feel their best. I had been to chiropractors before, and although I agreed with the science of having a healthy nervous system, I did not agree with what seems to be the in & out spinning door system most have in place.

The two other chiropractors I had seen in Greensboro were dismissive and never took the time to learn what my goals were for my overall health. So when I finally took the leap and scheduled an appointment to see Dr. Alex what a relief that she took the time to have a conversation with me, did an indepth review of my medical history and current being. On top of all that, she asked me to also go get x-rays based on my medical history she wanted to be sure of things before diving into to fixing me.

She is upfront from the beginning about her approach and lets you know you are starting a health journey that will not only take place in her office but also outside the office. Now if you take the time, and learn about chiropratics you will learn, it isn’t an over night fix. It can be a long road, because we often miss the first signs that things are quite right and wait until the pain is so bad we can’t stand it any longer.

Dr. Alex walks you through her process and checks in with you every visit.Her top priority is making sure you are getting the most out of your care. She is a doctor that truly cares about the well being of her patients. I am beyond grateful for what Dr. Alex has given back to me. My life. I started feeling pain during puberty, in my knees and from there my hips & shoulders. I saw countless doctors that all had different ideas of what was happening and different approaches to how to fix me. None of them were long term or effective.

So after about 20 years of pain, I can now say that I wake up with no pain, I can get through my day with no pain, and each visit and evaluation shows my body is healing.

I can not thank Dr. Alex enough and I don’t think she will ever truly understand what she gives to her patients. It is exhausting to be in pain and even more so when you can’t find a doctor that will listen. Well have no fear and look no further because Alex is that doctor. She listens and advises and if she doesn’t know she searches for the answers. She is truly one of a kind and someone I will always be grateful for!

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