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Do you or your child struggle with a deflective behavior that it creating difficulty in your life?

Inability to focus


Difficulty in school


Anger or emotional outbursts


Delayed or missed milestone

Struggles to make friends

Can't deviate from routine

Speech delays



With over 13 years of evidence and countless lives changed by The Focus Academy and founder Dr. Amy Spoelstra, we are making it easily accessible to YOU our community! Limited to 10 spots per month.


What is Brain Blossom Program™?

The Brain Blossom Program™ is an online, at home, generalized brain and body exercise and educational program.

Who can benefit from the Brain Blossom Program™?

Everybody! The program is designed to reduce stress and deflective tendencies in order to help individuals engage in, communicate with, learn from and enjoy their world. The only requirement is a partner to work with to administer some of the games!

Why the Brain Blossom Program™?

Think of development like a flower, as it is grows from a seed, everything that happens around it has an impact on what it will be when it’s fully grown. Human development is much the same. Our environments can greatly impact our most basic functions, like the way we move our body, communicate with language, and use our sensory systems. These impacted functions are what we at the Brain Blossom Program™ call Deflective Behaviors™ and they can take many forms. Deflective Behaviors™ can stem from many combinations of factors, but ultimately, they change the way a person learns, behaves, communicates, and socializes. The Brain Blossom Program™ is designed to give specific body and brain games to help a person move on from their Deflective Behaviors™ to a healthier form of processing their environment.

This program includes 4 proven successful tools for supporting and improving growth and development!

What does our Brain Blossom Program include?


Initial Clinical Assessment

Our comprehensive examination includes advanced tests to gather objective measures to determine how the brain is receiving information, how an individual can adapt to stress, and clinically determine how we can help.


Neuro-based Chiropractic Care

Neuro-Structural Correction ensures appropriate information is being sent to the brain. Specific and gentle corrections made to the spine, cranium, and pelvis improve input to the brain and overall nervous system function.


Progress Evaluations & Consults

During the program, we perform multiple re-evaluations to track progress and ensure an individual is getting the appropriate support and care needed for positive results.


Access to the Brain Blossom Program

The Brain Blossom Program™ is an online, at-home, generalized brain and body exercise and educational program that helps improve gaps in development and improve the overall expression of life, including engagement, learning, and connection.


Consultation and Nutritional Education

Consultation and Nutritional Education is used to determine the next appropriate action steps to lower digestive stress and decrease inflammation in the body. Both of these can have a significant impact on the brain and development.

How the brain is receiving information?

We always say, “The Brain develops like a flower!”. This is because the brain develops from the bottom to the top, back to front, inside out, and right to left. To grow it requires information from our bodies and our environment to stimulate higher brain centers to create new neural pathways. Just like a flower needs nutrients and water, your brain needs appropriate information for typical growth and development. We can measure the brain’s input, processing, and output by using non-invasive, advanced testing. This gives objective measurements to observe and remeasure for progress.

How we are adapting to stress?

We are constantly adapting to stress. Stress comes in multiple different forms; physical, chemical, mental/emotional. We all have a different resilience to stress based on genetics & epigenetics. If we hit our threshold for how much stress we can handle, our bodies have to make physiological adaptations and compensations to maintain a level of function. This can impact how our brain and body function and alter how the brain processes, connects, and engages with our world. Again, we use non-invasive, advanced testing to measure and determine how we are adapting to stress.

What tools are we using to process the world and how efficient are these tools?

From the moment we are born, we are engaging, connecting, and learning from our world with our most efficient tool for processing. As a baby, this looks very different than a toddler or a young adult. As we grow, we gain more sophisticated and efficient tools. Sometimes things impact how the brain moves through development, and it can alter how we use these tools or which tools we primarily use. We do a series of tests to evaluate and understand how individuals are using these tools and which tool they are using primarily. Often when we see challenges, it’s because we aren’t using the most efficient tool. Behaviors are also a BIG window into the brain, both how and where we are in development.

This amazing brain based program has only 10 spots per month.

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