How can I tell if my child has spinal imbalances?

Just as it is important that you have your children’s teeth checked by a dentist, it is also important to have their spine checked regularly for proper development.

Use the following list to check for spinal imbalances:

  • Does your child’s spine curve from side to side when they bend over?
  • Is the child’s shoulder blade higher on one side?
  • Is your child’s ear higher on one side
  • Is your child a toe walker?
  • Do the feet of your child turn in or out?
  • Does your child choke regularly?
  • Have you notice your child swing their leg out during cross-crawl?

How about my infant?

  • Does the infant prefer to tilt their head to one side?
  • Does your baby prefer breastfeeding on one side?
  • Does your baby arch her back when crying?
  • Is your baby slow to develop adequate neck strength to hold his head up?
  • Have you noticed that your baby doesn’t feel comfortable lying on their back?
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