How do you make space?

One of the hardest things for our couples to do on this protocol is make space.

So busy, so connected, this year has been one of challenge and awareness, but secretly, there’s a secret weapon that’s also being deployed this year – and last year, too!

Many of our couples want a family SO deeply, they keep themselves busy, in hopes they can stay distracted until it happens for them.

“Once we’re pregnant, we’ll slow down….”
“Once we’ve got a kid, i’ll make time…”

What if the “once we’ve got/done this” piece is exactly what’s holding you back?
By “acting as if,” you’re telling the world you’re ready for what it can give you, but if you keep yourself so busy that the joy can’t find you, it will escape you continually.

Making space can mean home date nights – once a week.
Time together, with no television distraction – actually talking, connecting.
It can mean getting comfortable without planning every aspect of your life – practicing being spontaneous, but you need space in order to do that

What’s your favorite way to make space to welcome what you want most in your life?

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