What if your body never made a mistake? What if you aren’t broken?

If you stepped on a dog’s tail, the dog would likely bark, right? The dog may whine or even bite – ANYTHING to get you OFF its tail!

Where’s the dog’s pain?

It’s sure not where the bark is coming from!

Too often, the “bark” in our bodies (lab tests, symptoms, etc) is chased with MORE supplements, or even medications to stop that bark, that pain.

The Schaefer Protocol understands that your body has a lot of ways of expressing how it’s working. Your body is absolutely incredible, and has amazing healing potential!

The focus with this protocol is getting that pressure off the dogs tail, knowing when that happens, that the bark, the bite, and the whine will stop – and the scared, hurting, defensive pup
will once again become bouncy, happy, and in love with life

It’s not the bark.

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