Period pain is common, but absolutely NOT normal.

The pain you’re experiencing is telling you something – are you open to listening?

Oftentimes, if there isn’t enough progesterone in the luteal phase (the second half of your cycle, after you ovulate), you’re more likely to have a painful period.

What’s normal?

A bleed starts without pain, without inflammation, cravings and mood changes. The bleed can last 2-7 days, with 3-5 being the average.

You should lose 50ml of fluid during that time, which is 5 super or 10 regular tampons if you use that option. Menstrual cups often have measuring lines so you can keep track.
If your cycle isn’t normal, it’s a vital sign that is the most core piece of your health – showing us how your hormones are functioning, how strong your bones are, your hair, skin and gut.

Have you been told a painful cycle is normal?

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