Most Common Signs of an anovulatory cycle

When I was younger, I remember thinking if I had a bleed,

I ovulated. Ah, the joy of learning.

I now know it’s entirely possible (and happens quite often!) to have an anovulatory cycle – where you have a bleed, but don’t actually ovulate.

The 3 signs of an anovulatory cycle are:

– Bleeding that lasts too long

– A cycle that’s too short

– A cycle that’s too long

A normal and healthy menstrual cycle ranges anywhere from 21-35 days…yup, you read that right – a 28 day cycle is not a “goal” – it’s just the median range (kinda like a 40 week pregnancy..but I digress)

Things to look for to start investigating if your cycles are anovulatory

– Is your cycle less than 21 days?

– Is your cycle more than 35 days?

– Do you bleed longer than 7 days? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, there’s a chance you had an anovulatory cycle, first know it’s completely normal to have the occasional anovulatory cycle

If they happen more often than you’d like, consider looking at your insulin and blood sugar levels, make sure you’re getting enough calories, and if you’re just coming off birth control, it’s normal to experience them more often. Your eggs’ 120 day cycle will improve (as will your ovulatory cycles) as your health improves!

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