Did you know that each person has a unique set of toeprints, just like fingerprints, and that’s just one sign of how special you are. You also have your own unique set of teeth, which, by the way, begin growing 6 months before you are born.

How does your body know how to do that? You are born with an inherent intelligence. This wisdom uses your nervous system to communicate and coordinate various actions, keeping your body working in an organized manner your entire life.

Regular chiropractic treatments for both children and adults help ensure that this inborn ability to communicate goes smoothly and without any hiccups, so messages can reach different parts of your body without any interference. 

Chiropractors accomplish that by making sure the bones of your spine aren’t disrupting the communication and coordination of your nerve system. The clearer your nerve system, the better the communication, and the better you can be the EXTRAORDINARY AUTHENTIC GENIUS person that you are!

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